First Post: Why Neon Pollution?

24 08 2009

To begin, I would just like to thank you for visiting the site and actually reading this. Chris and I ave had tons of writing projects and ideas prior but this is the only one we have joint collaborated on thus far and probably won’t be the last.

This blog will most likely be 82% about music. Like album reviews, music news, and our favourite: music lists. You may get other subjects in here as well. If you’ve followed what we have written before you know what to expect and this is where you can read our new “work”.

Anyways, the first post is just introductory and you may find yourself asking “Why did we choose Neon Pollution for a blog title?” Well, the rest of this post is your answer. This conversation took place over an hour and (I had to trim out the parts where we ventured into topics such as Super Mario brothers 3) and it shows just shows how much we care about this blog and its beginnings. If you’ve got any tagline ideas send them in.

Matthew: Ive got 15 potential blog names for us to choose from. I figure we should probably figure out the name as soon as possible.

C.Mac: Hahha OK.

Matthew: From what I think will be the best to least bets for a name.


1. pop life

2. bonersphere

3. the new pollution

4. wouldnt it be nice

5. the feel good SHIT of the summer

6. sentimental drivel

7. an empty space

8. boner shanty

9. psyho wank

10. music is my radar

11. yesterday’s headlines

12. restless as we are

13. anything but dave matthews

14. bonertown

15. boners r us

Matthew: So really about 10 serious choices.Well, semi serious choices

C.Mac: Too much cock talk. I like The New Pollution.

C.Mac: The New Pollution is miles above the others

Matthew: Well, I did rank it at 3…2 if you exclue the joke boner-sphere

C.Mac: thenewpollution is taken

C.Mac: by some bitch who never even used it

C.Mac: how about New Pollution? Digital Pollution?

Matthew: New Pollution is taken

C.Mac: I really like “Pollution”

Matthew: Digital Pollution does makes me think of Euro Beats.¬† I’m going to thesaurus words for “New”.

C.Mac: even more reason

Matthew: How about “Fresh”?, “Youthful”?, “Contemporary?”

Matthew: I like “Topical Pollution”

C.Mac: Tropical

Matthew: Modern Pollution? We’re combining two Beck titles into one.

C.Mac: Haha. OK, let’s think this through we’re on to something with Pollution

Matthew: Yup, just have to agree on the first word now.

C.Mac: Zero Pollution. It doesn’t mean anything, but I think it sounds cool.

Matthew: No it sounds like we’re tree huggers. I can see how we can be confused with some environmental


Matthew: Not Tropical Pollution. Topical Pollution,No?

Matthew: Really, I’m just going through a list of words from when I type in “NEW”


C.Mac: yes, you’ve hit oil

Matthew: THE or just BRAND NEW?

C.Mac: you’re gonna hate me right now but I’m starting to dislike the name already.

Matthew: The pollution part or the whole part?

C.Mac: I like Pollution

Neon Pollution????????

Matthew: I can dig that

Matthew: The or no The?. I prefer The

C.Mac: no The

C.Mac: I think we need to get away from Beck’s song title. Neon makes me think of the 90’s.

Matthew: So handshake on Neon Pollution?

C.Mac: the 90’s makes me think of Ninja Turtles so I like the name, handshake.

Matthew: So what should the tagline be?

C.Mac: No clue, should we be clever? Or should it just be something straightforward?

Matthew: Both would work really. I guess we can figure that out last because we’re probably going to have a tough time arguing about everything else.




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