Why I Will Never Ever Be Truly Happy

21 09 2009

For those of you who know me, you know that I’m not the most positive or glass half-full type of guy. Whenever, anyone calls be a pessimist I, of course, reply with the classic “Nope, just a realist” and I do know I’m a sad sack son of a bitch but there are too many things going around in my head for me to ever be a peppy guy. One of the reasons why I’m such a negative Nancy is that neither one of the two sports teams that I religiously follow will EVER win a championship in my lifetime.

As stupid as this sounds to most of you, there will be a few of you out there who understand this and will be able to commiserate with me. First off, let me state that the teams I have been following for years have been the Toronto Blue Jays and the Toronto Raptors. Don’t even bother to ask about the Leafs because I gave up on hockey as a sport a couple years back. I don’t hate the actual sport of hockey I hate the “Hockey Culture” in Canada, it makes me ill – I’ll leave it at that. Anyways, I started following the Blue Jays (As much as a 8-year-old can follow a sports team) after they won their first World Series win in 1992 and I started watching Raptors basketball during their first playoff run where they were swept by the Knickerbockers. So, it would seem that the two teams I follow are somewhat successful, but what I believe is that you can’t be a TRUE, TRUE fan of a sports team unless you stick with them through the worst and those who know the stories of these two respective franchises know that there have been many more valleys then peaks.

After the Jays won their second World Series in ’93 the organization crumbled; there were many stupid moves made by both Gord Ash and J.P. Ricciardi; they renamed the SkyDome and attendance is at an all time low. The Raptors after taking to the 76ers to the final second in a 7 game series have put their fans into a depressing tailspin. Vince Carter single handedly decimated the franchise; the Kevin O’Neal coached season was some of the most terrible ball I’ve ever witness in my life and two words: Rafael Aarujo. You can not appreciate a team until you have hit the bottom of the barrel. Sure, my Jays were very successful when I was young but I can not appreciate it at all. I didn’t have an emotional attachment at the time; I didn’t skip nights out or exam study time to catch a game and I wasn’t following offseason moves. I wasn’t a “True” fan but after years and years of hardship I can know 100% call myself a true depressed sports fan. I have friends agree, their team’s previous championship wins could not be appreciated to their fullest. I think it is in the DNA of every true sports fan to suffer, which is why I’m such a pessimistic person to be around.

This brings me to why I envy/loathe bandwagon fans. I don’t know how there are so many New England Patriot and Boston Red Sox fans in Ontario Canada all of a sudden. You might as well toss Pittsburg Penguins into that mix as well. It must be nice to see your team win all the time and I’m truly happy for you but really doesn’t the feeling feel kind of cheap? There were people who waited 80 some odd years and DIED before they got to see the BoSox win. I admit the 7 game series come back against the Yankees was mind-blowing but you’re not a “Fan” just by watching that series and their two World Series wins.

Basically, it is super sad that a grown man (Ok, immature boy, trapped in a man’s body) will put a lot of emotional investment into something he’ll never see a return in but watching sports has been a part of my life for more than half of my life. I’ll end with a quote from Jason Lee’s character from Vanilla Sky, “It’s the sour and the sweet. And I know sour, which allows me to appreciate the sweet.” While, Boston/New England sports franchises will gain more bandwagon/fairweather fans with each season I’ll be losing more hair and getting more and more pissed off that I will never see any of my teams reach their pinnacle I can somewhat take solace in the fact that I am a true fan.




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